The Introduction to Climbing Lesson
-Vivid emotions and new impressions-

Who is this lesson for?

For those, who want to get started in climbing;

For those, who want to have fun.

What does the lesson involve?

1.5 hours of duration

Lesson held by instructor

All the necessary equipment

What will you learn and practice?

Necessary education for accident prevention at the climbing gym

Basic climbing moves and techniques

Practice indoor climbing with a rope on a high wall

Practice indoor bouldering

About us

El Capitan is a European-like climbing gym located in Saint-Petersburg with a high variety of routes and volumes. Gym is satisfying any taste and any level of climbing. Moreover, El Capitan is one of the biggest climbing gyms in Russia. Every day here is full with interesting sport events and brings something new. Our gym El Capitan is opened every day for training and for your new achievements in climbing.

Reception + cafe

Lockers and shower

Leed climbing and top rope

  • Walls square meters - 700
  • 15 meters height
  • More than 50 routes high up to 16 meters


  • Walls square meters - 400
  • More than 100 routes


Climbing equipment certified by UIAA

Double system belaying check:
- Auto-blocking belay devices GRI GRI
- Being checked by instructor and coach
All our instructors and coaches are certified and are eligible to work in climbing gym, they verify qualifications every year.

Do you consider your arms are weak? Or you are afraid of height?

Just recentry climbing was unavailable for most of people. Worries about week arms and fear of height were spread. But our gym is highly equipped for beginners and amateurs training. If you just can stand up on a wall bars - it's allready OK for you to climb in our gym. We made sure that our routes grade system start from 3 meters easy ones and gradually complicates to those possible only for masters of sport. Here you can train your strength and courage in comfortable environment and our experienced and positive team will help you.

+7 (812) 347-84-00

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